Recall List

Daikin Comfort Technologies Manufacturing Recalls Amana, Daikin, Goodman Branded Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Packaged Units Due to Fire Hazard (June 13, 2024) <p>The unit’s serial plate can have incorrect electrical ratings which can lead to incorrect wirings being used, posing a fire hazard.</p>

Retrospec Recalls Beaumont Plus ST Bikes with Disc Brakes Due to Crash and Injury Hazards (June 13, 2024) <p><span>The front disc brake rotor and brake pads can be misaligned, which can cause brake failure, posing crash and injury hazards.</span></p>

Black Diamond Equipment Recalls Neve Strap Crampons and Accessory Kits Due to Fall Hazard (June 13, 2024) <p>The screws that connect the plastic heel cup to the aluminum heel unit of the crampon can loosen and allow the heel cup to detach from the crampon, posing a fall hazard.</p>

Southern Telecom Recalls Lomi Roll-On Waxing Kits Due to Fire, Burn and Shock Hazards (June 13, 2024) <p>The roll-on warmer’s power cord can overheat and short circuit, posing fire, burn, and electrical shock hazards.</p>

Magnetic Chess Games Recalled Due to Ingestion Hazard; Violation of Federal Regulations for Toy Magnets; Sold Exclusively on through Outad Good Life (June 13, 2024) <p><span>The recalled magnetic chess games, which include 20 magnet pieces, violate the mandatory federal toy magnet regulation because the set contains one or more magnets that fit within CPSC’s small parts cylinder, and the magnets are stronger than permitted. When high-powered magnets are swallowed, the ingested magnets can attract each other, or another metal object, and become lodged in the digestive system. This can result in perforations, twisting and/or blockage of the intestines, infection, blood poisoning and death.</span></p>

Adven Group Recalls Nap Queen Sleep Victoria Hybrid Mattresses Due to Fire Hazard; Violation of Federal Mattress Flammability Regulations (June 13, 2024) <p>The recalled mattresses violate mandatory federal flammability regulations for mattresses, posing a fire hazard to consumers.</p>

Bambu Lab Recalls A1 3D Printers Due to Electric Shock and Fire Hazards (June 13, 2024) <p><span>When the recalled 3D printer’s heatbed cable is bent or damaged, it can short-circuit and spark or burn through the insulation layer, posing electric shock and fire hazards.</span></p>

Spectrum Brands Pet Care Recalls Pet Fur deShedding Conditioner Due to Risk of Exposure to Bacteria (June 06, 2024) <p><span>The recalled conditioner can contain bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an environmental organism found widely in soil and water. People with weakened immune systems or external medical devices who are exposed to Pseudomonas aeruginosa face a risk of serious infection that may require medical treatment. The bacteria can enter the body if inhaled, through the eyes, or through a break in the skin. People with healthy immune systems are usually not affected by the bacteria.</span></p>

Sling Carriers Recalled Due to Infant Suffocation and Fall Hazards; Violation of the Federal Safety Regulation for Sling Carriers; Sold on through Joybuy Marketplace Express (June 06, 2024) <p><span>The recalled sling carriers violate the safety requirements of the Safety Standard for Sling Carriers, including requirements for structural integrity and occupant retention, posing a fall hazard to babies. Additionally, the sling carriers pose a suffocation hazard because they fail to meet the federal safety standard’s requirements for restraint systems as the waist restraint can be used without the crotch restraint. Further, there are no warnings or instructional literature providing information to caregivers about keeping the baby’s face clear to prevent suffocation or safe positioning to prevent the baby from curling into a position with their chin resting on or near their chest. Sling carriers manufactured after January 30, 2018 are subject to the mandatory federal safety standard.</span></p>

Good Earth Lighting Recalls More than 1.2 Million Rechargeable Integrated Lights to Due to Fire and Burn Hazards; One Death Reported (June 06, 2024) <p>The recalled light’s battery can overheat and ignite the light’s plastic housing, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers.</p>

SA Consumer Products Recalls Sanctuary Quick Access and Sports Afield Biometric Gun Safes Due to Serious Injury Hazard and Risk of Death (June 06, 2024) <p>The biometric lock on the gun safes can be opened by unauthorized users, posing a serious injury hazard and risk of death.</p>

Salewa USA Recalls Wild Country Ropeman 1 Ascenders Due to a Failure to Ascend (June 06, 2024) <p>The teeth of the recalled ascenders can fail to engage, making it difficult or impossible for the user to ascend.</p>

Kawasaki Motors USA Recalls Engines Used in Bad Boy Mowers, BigDog, Bobcat, Cub Cadet, Hustler, John Deere and Kubota Brand Lawn and Garden Equipment Due to Fire and Burn Hazards (June 06, 2024) <p><span>The recalled engines can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.</span></p>

Crib Bumpers Recalled Due to Suffocation Hazard; Violation of Federal Crib Bumper Ban; Sold by Henan Ouchang Trading and Xinxiang Junshun Trading on AliExpress and Recalled by AliExpress (May 30, 2024) <p>Infants can suffocate if they roll or move on the crib bumper in a position that obstructs breathing. Padded crib bumpers are banned under federal law.</p>

Compare Brands Recalls ADIOS! Super Vinegar All Natural Cleaner Due to Risk of Poisoning and Chemical Burns; Violation of Labeling Requirements under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act; Sold Exclusively on (May 30, 2024) <p>The recalled cleaning product violates the Federal Hazardous Substances Act because it is deceptively labeled as “Safe to Use” and lacks the required cautionary statements for a poison, posing a risk of poisoning and chemical burns to consumers.</p>

Medline Industries Recalls 1.5 Million Adult Portable Bed Rails Due to Serious Entrapment and Asphyxia Hazards; Two Deaths Reported (May 30, 2024) <p><span>When the recalled bed rails are attached to an adult’s bed, users can become entrapped within the bed rail or between the bed rail and the side of the mattress. This poses a serious entrapment hazard and risk of death by asphyxiation.</span></p>

Black &amp; Decker Recalls CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Tillers/Cultivators Due to Laceration Hazard (May 30, 2024) <p><span>The assembly instructions can cause consumers to incorrectly attach the bottom portion of the tiller/cultivator upside down, causing the tines to rotate toward the user, posing a laceration hazard.</span></p>

TOPINCN Pool Drain Covers Recalled Due to Entrapment Hazard; Violation of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act; Sold Exclusively on by Sanure (May 23, 2024) <p><span>The recalled drain covers do not conform to the entrapment protection standards of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGBA), posing an entrapment hazard to swimmers and bathers.</span></p>

Electrolux Group Reannounces Recall of Frigidaire and Kenmore Electric Ranges Due to Fire and Burn Hazards; Multiple Fires and Injuries Reported (May 16, 2024) <p>Depending on the model, the surface heating elements can: 1) turn on spontaneously without being switched on; 2) fail to turn off after being switched off; or 3) heat to different temperatures than selected. This poses fire and burn hazards to consumers.</p>

CHZHVAN Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Recalled Due to Failure to Alert to Fire; Sold Exclusively on by Haikouhuidishangmaoyouxiangongsi (May 16, 2024) <p><span>The detectors can fail to activate, posing a risk that consumers will not be alerted to a fire.</span></p>

Kano Laboratories Recalls Super Lube® Products Due to Risk of Poisoning; Violation of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (May 16, 2024) <p>The recalled products contain either ethylene glycol or low-viscosity petroleum distillates, which must be in child-resistant packaging, as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA). The packaging for the products is not child resistant, posing a risk of poisoning if the contents are swallowed by young children. Additionally, petroleum distillates can get into the lungs, causing chemical pneumonia and/or pulmonary damage, which can be fatal.</p>

ZLINE Recalls Built-In Electric Wall Ovens Due to Impact Injury Hazard (May 09, 2024) <p>The oven door hinge can dislodge, releasing the spring, which can damage or break through the door trim, posing an impact injury hazard to consumers.</p>

Cotton On USA Recalls Toy Pinwheels Due to Choking Hazard (May 09, 2024) <p>The pinwheel’s fastener cap can come loose and detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.&nbsp;</p>

Textron Specialized Vehicles Recalls Arctic Cat Model Year 2024 Catalyst Snowmobiles Due to Crash Hazard (May 09, 2024) <p>The steering caps, which are used to hold the handlebar in place, can crack and cause the handlebars to become unstable, posing a crash hazard.</p>

Textron Specialized Vehicles Recalls Prowler Pro and Tracker Utility Vehicles (UTVs) Due to Fire Hazard (May 09, 2024) <p>The fuel tank cap does not fit correctly, causing a fuel leak around the filler neck, posing a fire hazard.</p>

Children’s Robes Recall Expansion Announced Due to Burn Hazard and Violation of Federal Flammability Standards; Imported by SIORO; Sold Exclusively on; Additional Units Added (May 09, 2024) <p><span>The children’s robes violate the flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children.</span></p>

Korimefa Multi-Purpose Helmets Recalled Due to Risk of Head Injury; Violation of Federal Regulations for Bicycle Helmets; Imported by Yangxi and Sold Exclusively on (May 09, 2024) <p><span>The recalled helmets do not comply with the positional stability requirements of the CPSC federal safety standard for bicycle helmets. The helmets can fail to protect in the event of a crash, posing a risk of head injury.</span></p>

Spin Swivel Chairs Recalled Due to Fall Hazard; Imported by Article (May 09, 2024) <p><span>The swivel chair’s base can break, posing a fall hazard.</span></p>

Children’s Nightgowns Recalled Due to Burn Hazard and Violation of Federal Flammability Standards; Sold Exclusively on; Imported by Zegoo Home (May 09, 2024) <p><span>The children’s nightgowns violate the flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children.</span></p>

Igloo Products Recalls Youth Sipper Bottles Due to Choking Hazard (May 02, 2024) <p>The silicone cover on the sipper can detach while in use, posing a choking hazard to children.</p>

Skims Body Recalls SKIMS Children’s Pajama Sets Due to Burn Hazard; Violation of Federal Regulations for Children’s Sleepwear; Sold Exclusively by Skims Body (May 02, 2024) <p>The children’s pajama sets fail to meet the flammability regulations for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children.</p>

Children’s Dressers Sold Exclusively at Rooms To Go Recalled Due to Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards; Violation of Federal Regulation for Clothing Storage Units; Imported by LFN Limited (May 02, 2024) <p>The recalled dressers are unstable if they are not properly anchored to the wall, posing serious tip-over and entrapment hazards that can result in injuries or death to children. The dressers violate the performance requirements of the STURDY Act.</p>

Polaris Recalls Prostar S4 Titan Adventure Snowmobiles Due to Fire Hazard (May 02, 2024) <p>The snowmobile can leak fuel at the pump flange assembly, posing a fire hazard and risk of serious injury to the rider or passenger.</p>

True Manufacturing Recalls Commercial Refrigerators with Secop Compressors Due to Fire Hazard (May 02, 2024) <p>The recalled commercial refrigerators with Secop Compressors can fail in a manner causing the compressor to overheat, posing a fire hazard.</p>

American Honda Motor Expands Recall of Lawnmowers and Pressure Washer Engines to include Lawnmower Replacement Engines Due to Injury Hazard; Additional Units/Injuries Reported (May 02, 2024) <p>The improperly manufactured camshafts in the engines can cause the starter rope to suddenly retract when pulling to start, posing an injury hazard.</p>

Dixon Ticonderoga Recalls Creativity Street Foam Pattern Rollers Due to Violation of Federal Lead Content Ban (May 02, 2024) <p>The recalled foam pattern rollers are intended for children and contain levels of lead that exceed the federal lead content ban in the rollers’ handles. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects.</p>

DR Power Equipment Recalls Leaf Blowers and Leaf Vacuums Due to Laceration Hazard (May 02, 2024) <p>Pieces from the recalled leaf blowers and vacuums can come loose inside the unit and be ejected, posing a laceration hazard to users and bystanders.</p>

Arctic Cat Recalls Snowmobiles Due to Laceration Hazard (May 02, 2024) <p>The recalled snowmobile’s drive clutch can break, allowing fragments to escape the snowmobile shielding, posing a laceration hazard.</p>

Bausch + Lomb Recalls Project Watson Eyelid Wipes for Dogs Due to Risk of Exposure to Bacteria and Fungi (May 02, 2024) <p>When the recalled dog eyelid wipes are opened and in use, bacteria and fungi, which are organisms found widely in the environment, soil, and water, can be introduced and grow in the container, posing a risk of serious infection to people with weakened immune systems. Individuals with wounds may also be at higher risk of infection. People with healthy immune systems are not typically affected.</p>

3M Recalls Peltor X4 Series Earmuffs Due to Risk of Overexposure to Loud Noise and Sound (April 25, 2024) <p>The recalled noise-reducing earmuffs can develop cracks in the colored portion of the plastic cups, posing a risk of overexposure to loud noise and sound.</p>